Art of Avoidance

It’s a dance, it’s an art, it’s a music score.
It’s the dance that requires complete sync between partners.
It requires no physical contact nor does it need connecting eyes.
Just two beating hearts that speed as the dance reaches its climax.

No special shoes are required like the ballet.
There is no special class with a practiced instructor.
There is no practice time to help perfect the score.
It’s a never ending recital without a crowd.

The dance requires a strong performer,
It hurts their feet and burns their eyes.
Knees weaken, hearts speed, mouths go numb, hands clench.
The dancers feel tense and uneasy until the music ends.

I have mastered this dance. I have had many partners.
Why I continue to dance this dance remains a question.
It’s a dance that has taken me years to perfect.
Sometimes it’s easier to dance than face reality.

I am that passerby in the hallway. The one you used to call friend.
The one whose eyes wander away as our recital begins.
No one ever stops to watch, no one even notices.
We dance, but I just want to stop and say, “I’m sorry”.

The dance is slowly killing me.
It is long and painful. It stops time.
The regret and sorrow are hidden on my face.
We both have mastered the dance. The dance of avoidance.


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