Women, be fascinating

Women may not always realize it, but they have a desire to be fascinating in the eyes of the world. Not just to men, but to everything and everyone they encounter. We want to be seen and be noticed. It’s a natural desire that goes back to our original parents.

The basic truth is that women are fascinating. Let’s think step outside the box for a little bit and think about what makes a woman fascinating. A woman’s body is able to literally grow another body inside of her. It’s something that her body is able to do as easily as breathing. She doesn’t have to command the growth of a baby inside her like she has to command her hand to pick up a piece of pizza to eat.

Her body knows how to take that baby within her, get it out, then she is able to nourish and feed that baby…

…with her body.

That is amazing. It’s a wonder.

This little miracle is what makes every other part of her body fascinating. Jason Evert says that you never catch a guy looking at rainbows. There is no rainbow pornography. It’s all the human body pornography because it’s a wonder.

Women have this desire to be fascinating, but they don’t realize that they already are. What are they willing to do to fill that void? Well, she reveals her body in the clothes she wears and who she exposes herself to. She reveals the mystery and wonder of her body. But the woman’s body is a sacred thing because of its ability to grow life. It should be respected, especially by her.

When she reveals herself and doesn’t realize what a wonder she is, she becomes an instrument of lust. She becomes an instrument of satisfaction. It sounds dramatic I know, but it’s so tragic because she allows her dignity and personhood to be ripped away from her for almost animalistic desires.

It’s not bad that women want to be seen as fascinating, there is just a correct way to do it. It actually provides us with an opportunity to love our brothers in a different way. I’m not suggesting that we lock ourselves away to never be seen, but it’s up to us to decide that we don’t want to be seen as an object. It’s a choice.

Women, recognize your God-given dignity. Your body has the ability to nourish and grow life. That in itself is sacred. Cherish that. Be modest in dress. The basic rule that I follow is if I wouldn’t wear it in front of a teacher (male or female) or my uncles, I don’t wear it, no exceptions.

You are not hiding your wonder. You can be a wonder without becoming an object of lust. There is wonder in who you are as a person; in your gifts and talents. Allow people to find wonder in that and save the mystery of your body for someone who will truly appreciate it and won’t use you to satisfy desire.

Stay beautiful and wonderful.



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