“It's time to begin, isn't it? I get a little bit bigger but then I'll admit I'm just the same as I was…” Every year before school starts, there is a song that I hear for the first time over the summer that becomes a sort of the theme of the year. It is the … Continue reading IT’S TIME


My Identity: My Name

I’m sure we all did that thing when we discovered the internet as kids and went to a baby names website to look up what our names meant. I used to spend hours on that site looking up my name, picking names for my future children based on meanings. I used to write a lot … Continue reading My Identity: My Name

What Can We as Lay People Offer to Our Priests?

Part of my job this summer required me to find priests to hear confessions for over 50 teens each week attending the Steubenville LEAD retreats. Being at Franciscan University, I never had a shortage of friars to volunteer, but one week all but one of the friars were gone on their yearly retreat. I called … Continue reading What Can We as Lay People Offer to Our Priests?

Women, be fascinating

Women may not always realize it, but they have a desire to be fascinating in the eyes of the world. Not just to men, but to everything and everyone they encounter. We want to be seen and be noticed. It’s a natural desire that goes back to our original parents.

How can we find satisfaction in this world?

In the midst of all of this suffering and confusion, it’s so crucial that we remind ourselves that we were not made for this world. What does that mean? We hear Jesus say in the Gospel “My kingdom is not of this world.” Any logical Christian knows, of course, we are talking about heaven, but … Continue reading How can we find satisfaction in this world?

Reflection on Advent

This time of year is my favorite. It always has been, it always will be. People tend to be nicer during the holidays. Everyone is excited. The towns and cities transform into cities of light and celebration. The trees are bare but they seem so alive with colors especially at night. Some people get excited … Continue reading Reflection on Advent